Sonoo Gupta is a Chartered Accountant, an educator humanitarian and an author. She is the owner of GM Education, a renowned institute imparting education in the field of Commerce, especially Chartered Accountancy.

Being an inquisitive Science student, conceptual clarity has always been in her roots. She was honoured National Talent Search Scholarship. She did her Bachelor’s degree in Physics Honours from Hindu College of Delhi University, India. Consecutively topping her college all the years, she also topped DISM.

Although from Science background, she decided to enter commerce learning by joining Chartered Accountancy course. After giving fabulous result, as high as 91% marks in Accountancy, she chose teaching as her profession to give education to students with depth knowledge and conceptual understanding.

Professional Life

Being a popular academician and Speaker, She has addressed many seminars on Finance and Accountancy organised by ICAI and other professional Institutes. She believes that “Learning process should be in depth and should be in a disciplined manner”. Teaching accountancy, costing and finance has been her passion. She has always been adored and admired by thousands of her students for her conceptual clarity and imparting deep understanding of the subject.

Sonu Gupta wrote her first book on Accountancy at an early age of 24 and thereafter she is treasuring with more knowledge with different type of student friendly books. She is also a popular corporate trainer and trainer in Income Tax Department.