About Us:

GM EDUCATION is an educational institute, who is working for the students since 1996. We are providing coaching of CA (Chartered Accountancy course) and for CS (Company Secretary course). We have always been focusing on the wholesome development of the students. The learning process should be done in light environment with fun but the disciplined environment is very important. We always believe in giving students a professional attitude, which helps them to become responsible, empowered, and open mined professionals. We develop the attitude of generating new ideas and working on the project which just doesn’t enhance the examination knowledge but also develops the professional attitude towards the business and its control.

Conceptual clarity and proper understanding of the subject is a vital component for achieving success in any of the field. To inculcate this understanding, we provide teaching based on logic and understandings for which we use all type of latest technological tools like multimedia, power points, latest equipment.

Our qualified and well-experienced faculties always give personal attention to every student. The teaching technique is such that the doubts are cleared automatically. Our books are comprehensive enough to cover all varieties and previous exam papers. Regular tests are taken under GMAP ( GM Assessment Program). Students are provided with homework evaluation and feedback on their improvement in presentation skills through our GHELP (GM Homework Evaluation and Learning program).,Various seminars on “The communication skills”, “Time Management”, “Presentation in exams” also helps the students to manage their studies & exams confidently.


Message from Director:

CA Sonu Gupta Mam


Dear students,

You all know about the competition in today’s world and how preparation is becoming more and more methodological. Success is not only determined by hard work but also by right guidance. Your teachers and parents would be providing you the necessary guidance. I would also like to share the “Guru Mantra of successful education”.

Education is to help you realize your own potential rather than imitating others: It is very important for you to decide your career option and this should solely be made by you, understanding your interests and keeping in view the suggestions and experience of your parents and elders. A Chartered accountant has so many expertise areas like taxation, accounting, finance, auditing, consultancy, legal matters etc. Once you start CA studies, you will be able to define your interest areas of core competency.

Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds: You have to put in the organized effort, blended with passion and enthusiasm. Luring students by silly jokes and activities can attract the crowd but can’t give education of being a good professional. So getting an education in the disciplined environment with conceptual clarity, in-depth knowledge with the aid of latest technology is most important.

Education is to make us more joyful; not to make us stressful and jealous:  When you make the right choice, you naturally give your heart and soul to your mission and this will bring happiness. You have to realize that competition from peers has to be taken up in a healthy way. This will bring the best in you rather than making you jealous of them. You should compete with yourself, not with others. The way to conquer the competition is simply your own dedicated efforts.

Learning from Success and failures in a part of education process: During the course of preparation, you will experience success as well as encounter failure. Failures have to be taken up as an opportunity to improve and not as a reason for getting irritated and frustrated. Only when you conquer your fear of failure, success would become inevitable. Even short success should not give overconfidence but they should be taken as stepping stones to reach the top.

The real meaning of Education:  Education does not mean just to collect information and knowledge and be successful by any means but to understand its real application and to give the world a real economic growth and an overall progress.

You all are founding pillars of our nation and your efforts will determine where we all stand in the near future. We sincerely request all youngsters to ponder over the above points and hope this would help you in realizing your dreams and goals.

I pray to the Almighty for success and cheerfulness in your life.


Best regards
CA Sonu Gupta